Family Business Association of California

The Family Business Association of California (FBA) represents family businesses at the legislature and in the courts to help overcome regulatory and economic obstacles and ensure they maintain freedom to operate with as little government intervention as possible.

The Leading Voice for Family Business in California

We are a proactive voice for family businesses in California and identify opportunities for and threats against family businesses, thereby providing a voice for solving the problems they face.
Family Business Association of California

Who We Are

FBA is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization that is the only association in California that solely focuses on representing family businesses at the state Capitol.
Family Business Association of California

What We Do

FBA introduces legislation to support family business, takes a stand against bad legislation, and fights for bills that are good for family businesses.
Family Business Association of California

Why We Do It

Family businesses are California’s most valuable asset. They are the backbone of the economy, both nationally and in California.
Family Business Association of California

Membership Advantages

The many advantages of membership include legislative advocacy, a weekly news summary, economic updates, peer-to-peer meetings, and more.



Latest News

FBA Joins Coalition Opposing Huge Tax Increase

The Family Business Association of California is one of the business groups that signed on to the following letter to Assembly Members Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, and Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, opposing their proposal to impose a 10 percent "surcharge" on corporate...

FBA’s Public Policy Goals for 2018

Federal tax reform will lead to many issues surrounding state and federal tax conformity. FBA needs to be diligent in this debate to maintain fair and equitable business taxes in California: Continue our leadership role to maintain prohibition on Estate Tax in...

FBA scores major victory: State death tax proposal dies

Legislation that would have reinstated the Estate Tax in California if the Federal government repealed the tax died last week. SB 726, by San Francisco Democrat Scott Wiener, would have asked voters to reinstate California's estate tax if the federal government had...

Eight family businesses join Family Business Association

Eight family-owned businesses have joined the Family Business Association of California in recent months, increasing the strength and effectiveness of the only organization devoted solely to advocating for family businesses in Sacramento. “Now more than ever, family...

Six family businesses beat the odds and celebrate milestone anniversaries

Only about 30 percent of family businesses survive into the second generation, 12 percent to the third and just 3 percent to the fourth generation and beyond. But while keeping a family business thriving can be especially difficult in California due to the state’s...

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