Jul 5, 2017

1. Kill the Death Tax bill

SB 726 would ask the voters of California establish an estate tax of 40% if the federal tax is eliminated. It's another way to drive family businesses out of California and punish those who stay here.

2. Accelerate work on eliminating regulations and preventing onerous new ones

With the current makeup of the Legislature, total elimination of most regulations is virtually impossible, so FBA will explore what is feasible to change, what is most onerous and can be documented, and work on accomplishing those improvements.

3. Publicize FBA policy opinions and legislative positions

Work to achieve coverage of those positions and opinions in the news media.

4. Continue to explore opportunities to assist the transfer of ownership and property between family members and through successive generations
  • As tax reform is considered, take an active role to advocate for family businesses - identifying threats and opportunities.
  • Fight against split-roll proposals and protect Proposition 13 for commercial properties.
5. Continue to build relationships with key legislators and Administration officials
  • Sponsor the 5th Annual Family Business Legislative Conference.
  • Meet one-on-one with more key legislators and officials to educate them on the importance of family businesses and what issues are critical to family businesses.
  • Participate in coalitions, public events, and hearings advancing the family business model and issues.
6. Fight against proposals and legislation which will add new regulations, costs, and complexity for family businesses
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