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Help California’s businesses, repeal PAGA


Shortly after Dee Dee Myers became director of the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-BIZ) late last year, she said she understood the challenges the state’s high costs and strict regulations impose on businesses. Read more


FBA's Monroe, Rivinius featured on family business podcasts


FBA Chairman Ken Monroe and Executive Director Robert Rivinius have been featured on recent family business-oriented podcasts. Hosted by Jonathan Goldhill, the Disruptive Successor Show featured Monroe, President and CEO of Holt of California sharing his story of stepping into the family business with a different career in mind and how he worked his way up from a salesperson to turning it into an elite organization that employs over 650 employees on the most recent episode. Rivinius, meanwhile, discussed the importance of FBA and its vital role, especially in the pandemic, where many family-owned businesses have been affected on a previous show.


Family businesses can’t be left holding the bag in California

The Orange County Register, 2/15/21

In recent months, there’s been a lot of attention paid to some high-profile California businesses who have decided to move some or all of their operations to lower-cost states. Read more


New blueprint for economic recovery may impact hiring; ‘Some constraints are going to be with us until we can get the pandemic under control’

Northern California Record, 9/8/20

The new state guidance for reopening while living amid the COVID-19 pandemic presents a framework for short-term recovery, but it also raises questions about more job losses and business closures. Read more


It’s an easy decision to vote against tax increases on commercial property

CalMatters, 6/4/20

The Oakland mayor is correct. It will be an easy decision to determine how to vote on the gigantic $12 billion commercial property tax increase on the November ballot. Just vote no.

In 1978, voters passed Proposition 13 because they were being taxed out of their homes and businesses. Prop. 13 changed that by creating certainty and predictability. Read more


Unleash private enterprise to jumpstart California’s economy with these four moves

CalMatters, 5/20/20

Two months into California’s economic lockdown, it’s time to start working on creating a V-shaped economic recovery.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has shown strong leadership during the past couple months in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Now he needs to unleash the power of private enterprise to protect our livelihoods. Read more


Family businesses are vital to the Capital Region and state

Comstocks Magazine, 9/30/19

My first real job — one with a paycheck with taxes deducted — was at the Crab Claw in Ocean City, Maryland. It was a summer job busing tables, and I most likely landed it because my father, a prominent architect, was acquainted with Mr. Higgins (we never called him Ed, of course, but some could be overheard calling him Old Man Higgins, though he was barely 40 at the time). Read more


FBA cited as opponent of Prop. 10 in news report

KRCR, 11/6/18

North Coast News has you covered there. Here’s a rundown of each of the 11 state propositions that every California voter will see on their ballot today.

Those against Prop 10 say the measure would also put as many as 539 rental boards in charge of housing, giving them unlimited power to add fees on housing that would be passed on to tenants in the form of higher rent.

The Association of Realtors, Family Business Association of California and the California Chamber of Commerce are among the groups who support “no” on Prop 10… Read more


Why would California tax family businesses to death?

The Sacramento Bee, 7/5/18

Chuck Collins, a researcher for a progressive Washington, D.C., think tank, recently wrote a ringing endorsement of a proposed 2020 ballot measure that would impose a state-level estate tax to pay for free college for all Californians (“One way to offer free college: Restore the state estate tax,” Viewpoints, June 13)…. Read more

California Death Tax

A California Death Tax Would Hurt Business

San Francisco Chronicle, 4/24/17

The bill faces its first hearing Wednesday before the Senate Governance and Finance Committee, and the Family Business Association of California will do everything in our power to stop this… Read more

Family Business Challenges

Time for Advocacy on Key Family Business Challenges

Crain’s Cleveland Business, 6/5/16

The pioneer in that effort is California, whose legislature in 2014 approved a bill to define and recognize family businesses. The governor vetoed the bill, but a similar one was introduced… Read more

Talk of the Town

RKR Marketing, 3/14/14

RKR Marketing interview with Robert Rivinius and Grant Deary.

Family Business Challenges

Family Advocate: A new family-business crusader emerges

Comstocks, 5/1/13

This lack of representation at the State Capitol on matters uniquely tied to family business was the driving force behind the creation of the Sacramento-based Family Business Association in October 2011… Read more


California Lawmakers Must Protect Family Businesses in 2021

California Globe, 12/9/20

These days, it is hard to avoid headlines about the latest businesses going under and more lost jobs due to COVID-19 in California. But not only are California’s businesses suffering like most across the country, we have it even worse for one reason: lawmakers did virtually nothing last session to protect our businesses against California’s worsening lawsuit abuse problem. With everyone back in Sacramento, my hope is that issue will seriously be considered this year. Read more


OTHER VOICES: Business friend or foe? Lawmakers have a choice for recovery

The Bakersfield Californian, 6/23/20

California’s 1.4 million family-owned businesses are in the fight of their lives.

Some have been shuttered since March, still waiting nervously for an all-clear from state officials. While their revenue stopped, the bills kept coming. And many voluntarily kept paying wages, health benefits and other costs to take care of their greatest asset: their employees. Read more


Sunday Morning Newsmakers 05-31-20 Seg 3

AM 870 The ANSWER, 5/31/20

Ken Monroe, President/CEO of Holt of California and Chairman of the Family Business Association of California - He says, “Unleash private enterprise to jumpstart California’s economy with these four moves.” Read more


It's time for California to put family-business designation into state law

Comstock’s Magazine 10/11/19

Family businesses have been the backbone of California’s bustling economy since statehood. I’ve witnessed this firsthand as the proud owner of a family business that dates back to 1931, providing Caterpillar equipment in 16 counties throughout the state — from Merced to Yuba City — for a wide range of customer needs, including heavy construction and agriculture. Read more


PAGA reform would help grow our economy

Los Angeles Daily News, 7/5/19

You can’t watch TV or go online these days without hearing about more and more politicians who are calling for America to become a socialist nation. With California’s presidential primary just nine months away, these calls will become even louder in the months ahead.

As a family business owner and chairman of the Family Business Association of California, I’d argue that in many ways we already live in a socialist state. After all, a basic definition of socialism is that the state redistributes the wealth and controls the means of production. Through high taxes and ever-increasing regulations, California does both quite effectively.

But there are other ways the state redistributes wealth, and one of the most egregious is the Private Attorneys General Act, or PAGA. Read more


My turn: Regulations and taxes stifle family businesses

CalMatters, 9/11/18

Family business owners look to the next quarter-century, not just the next quarter. We treat our employees as extended family. As a result, many of them stay with us for decades. And we strive to provide top-quality products and services…Read more


California bill won’t target tax rules for multinationals

Bloomberg BNA, 5/18/17

A California senator has dropped plans to change the state’s tax treatment of multinational companies with foreign affiliates, but is pushing a bill to end three other tax provisions he calls loopholes… Read more

Family Policy

Family Policy

Comstock’s, 10/14/16

The Family Business Association of California is a lobbying firm founded to protect the interests of California family businesses in the state legislature, and to “fight against proposals which will add new regulations and costs to family businesses.”… Read more

Family Policy

Family Businesses in California - The Backbone of Our Economy

The IE Voice, 4/8/14

The Family Business Association’s mission is to provide an incentive for family businesses to create jobs and invest in California, propose initiatives for needed change, defend against hostile, unfavorable legislation and regulations, take legal action to protect family business, and communicate to members, the public, and public policy makers all aspects and benefits of the family business… Read more

Family Business Challenges

Family businesses form trade association

Sacramento Business Journal, 10/30/12

The Family Business Association was formed by 22 prominent family-owned companies, including such local businesses as Pacific Coast Building Products, Nor-Cal Beverage Co. Inc., Raley’s Inc., Ramco Enterprises and Tony’s Fine Foods…Read more

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New Year, Newsom, New-ish Bills

By Dennis Albiani and Faith Borges Democratic supermajorities were sworn into both houses of the Legislature in December and the New Year brought in a sweep of Democratic statewide office holders being sworn into office, the most notable being Governor Gavin Newsom....

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Family businesses celebrate milestone anniversaries

While family businesses are the bedrock of California’s economy and its communities, keeping a business going for decades is extremely difficult. Studies show that only 30 percent of family businesses survive into the second generation, 12 percent to the third, and...

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Four family businesses join FBA

Firms in Petaluma, West Sacramento, Chico, and Salinas seek to protect family business Four businesses recently joined the Family Business Association of California, the only organization exclusively working to protect the interests of family businesses in Sacramento....

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