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FBA has three types of paid memberships: Regular Membership, Associate Membership, andFounding Membership. All paid memberships receive benefits including the weekly FBA News Summary, participation in FBA events, legislative and regulatory updates, are listed in the FBA website, can serve on FBA Committees, and are recognized as supporters of FBA. Companies that want to become members have the option of joining as a Regular Member, as an Associate Member, or as a Founding Member, as explained below:

1. Regular Membership

Regular Memberships are open to family businesses that conform to this definition:

  • Ownership control of a privately held enterprise by members of a family or partnership of families
  • Strategic influence by family members on the management of the firm, whether by being active in management, by continuing to shape the culture, and/or by serving as board members or advisors
  • The desire for continuity and succession across generations
Company Revenues Annual Dues
$100 million or more $5,000
$50-99 million $2,500
$10-49 million $1,000
$2.5-10 million $500
Less than $2.5 million $250
2. Associate Membership
Associate Memberships are for individuals or companies that work with and provide services for family businesses and would like to support and be involved in FBA, but do not qualify to be a Founding or Regular member and don’t wish to become a sponsor, can join as an Associate Member. The dues for an Associate Member are $1,000 per year.
3. Founding Membership
Founding Memberships are available with a $10,000 initial, one-time contribution. Founding Members are the voting members of FBA. All Founding Members remain Founding Members for the duration of their FBA membership but after one year dues revert to the applicable amount in accordance with the regular dues structure. The criteria for a Founding Member is the same as for a Regular Member as defined below.



Dues payments are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Due payments may be deducted as an ordinary business expense, subject to exclusion for lobbying activities. The IRS prohibits deducting, for federal income tax purposes, the portion of your membership dues which are allocated to state and federal lobbying activities. The portion of your dues that is lobbying and, as such, would be excluded from your ordinary and necessary business expenses deductions on your federal income tax return will be communicated to you one month after the calendar year-end.

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