FBA has taken positions on four ballot initiatives that will have an impact on family businesses.

  • No on Prop 15 — an $11-12 billion tax increase at the worst possible time. Public employee unions always want more money. The property tax on property owned 10 years or more could double or triple if Prop 15 passes.
  • No on Prop 19 — the California Association of Realtors want to see more people sell their homes and accomplish this with a $1-2 billion tax on parents transferring homes to their children.
  • No on Prop 21 — rent control is just bad public policy, period!
  • Yes on Prop 22 — FBA views any change to AB 5 as positive and many of our members use app- based delivery services. People should be free to decide if they want to be employees or contractors, not have the state decide for them.

If you would like more information on any of the 12 initiatives on the November ballot contact Robert Rivinius.

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