Breault Asphalt Maintenance joins FBA

FBA is pleased to announce that Breault Asphalt Maintenance has joined the Association. The company was founded in 2004 in Sacramento by siblings Jim Breault and Katie Little and operates in Northern California and Nevada with 13 employees. The company specializes in asphalt repair, sealcoating, parking lot striping, ADA upgrades, and concrete repair for commercial properties.

Welcome new member Universal Custom Display

FBA is pleased to welcome Universal Custom Display as a new member company.

UCD is a premier retail, grocery, commercial, and residential manufacturer for some of the largest organizations in the world. From turning creative retail concepts into prototypes, to cost-effectively executing full-scale retail rollouts, UCD delivers flexible solutions at every stage of the process. The company was founded in 1999 by Daniel Hayes and his son is now very involved in the management of the company. They are located in Elk Grove and have 105 employees.

PAGA amicus brief filed with the California Supreme Court

Californians for Fair Pay and Employer Accountability, the “Stop Small Business Shakedowns” committee, was established to find solutions for reforming the state’s Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA), either in the Legislature, through the courts, or on the ballot. The committee has filed an amicus brief at the California Supreme Court in the case Adolph v. Uber Technologies, LLC. FBA and other coalition members – prominent statewide associations – are deeply concerned that an overly broad interpretation of PAGA in this case would deal yet another blow to California companies already struggling to survive under the threat of PAGA lawsuits. A broad ruling could go beyond the Legislature’s intent and would not provide any meaningful benefit for California employees. It would, however, increase extortion opportunities for trial lawyers who look to leverage technical errors where there has been no harm to employees. Combating the widespread abuse of PAGA is a top priority of FBA.

Public Policy Goals for 2023

At the 10th annual Meeting of Members, the Family Business Association of California adopted the following public policy goals for 2023.

  1. State tax issues – FBA will remain diligent in the debate to maintain fair and equitable business and personal taxes in California:
    • Continue our leadership role to maintain prohibition on Estate Tax in California.
    • Continue to oppose efforts to enact a wealth tax.
    • Be wary of all proposals to increase business and personal taxes.
  2. Regulatory and lawsuit relief continues to be a top priority for FBA members but regulations surrounding labor relations and human resource management provide additional challenges to our members. FBA will focus on opposing legislation and regulations that impact labor and our workforce and support the ballot initiative for relief from PAGA lawsuits against family businesses. Also, continue work to broaden AB 5 of 2019 to exempt more types of contractors who should not be employees and soften the blow from this onerous legislation.
  3. Workforce development - identifying a qualified and available source of labor is an increasing challenge. FBA will work to support workforce development opportunities that help provide a trained workforce.
  4. Explore opportunities to introduce legislation that would benefit family businesses, encourage more to stay in California, and recognize the value of family businesses to California’s economy.
  5. Publicize FBA policy, legislative and regulatory positions.
    • FBA will work to achieve coverage of our positions and opinions in the news media.
  6. Continue to explore opportunities to assist the transfer of ownership and property between family members and through successive generations and oppose efforts to make that more difficult.
  7. Continue to build relationships with key legislators, new legislators and new administration officials and:
    • Produce the 11th Annual Family Business Day and Legislative Conference.
    • Meet one-on-one with key legislators, new legislators, and officials in the Governor’s Office to educate them on the importance of family businesses and the issues that are critical to family businesses.
    • Encourage FBA members to call on their legislators and engage employees in both education and advocacy to illustrate the impacts state government has on family businesses and their employees.
    • Participate in coalitions, public events, and hearings advancing the importance of the family business model and family business issues.

FBA member promotes New California Coalition

Mike Betts is the chairman and CEO of one of FBA’s oldest members — the Betts Company, a sixth-generation family-owned manufacturer and supplier of springs and heavy-duty truck parts in Fresno, founded in 1868. At the 10th Annual FBA Meeting of Members on November 9, he introduced members to a new organization — the New California Coalition.

The New California Coalition is the non-partisan political home and voice for over 6.5 million “Common Sense” voters across California who want results. The group is organizing everyday voters, business leaders, and community organizations from across the state into a movement to demand change and action.

Betts provided copies of a white paper, Seizing the Semiconductor Opportunity in California-Oct20, on how California could increase competitiveness and capture federal CHIPS Act funding recently sent to the Governor, along with an op-ed published in the Fresno Bee, OP-ED NCC Heartland Chapter Final, about why Betts and other Central Valley business leaders have signed on.