Legislation that would have reinstated the Estate Tax in California if the Federal government repealed the tax died last week.

SB 726, by San Francisco Democrat Scott Wiener, would have asked voters to reinstate California’s estate tax if the federal government had repealed it. The bill became difficult to justify after the final federal tax reform legislation doubled the estate tax exemption for a period of eight years, forgoing an outright repeal.

After fierce opposition led by the Family Business Association, Senator Wiener was forced to amend the bill to prescribe procedures for fiscal review on any tax legislation considered that exempts products from sales and use taxes.

“Defeating this effort to reimpose the death tax in California has been our top priority for the past year, and we’re pleased that Senator Wiener has removed the language from his bill,” said FBA Executive Director Robert Rivinius.

“However, there is already an initiative campaign under way to reinstate the Death Tax to pay for higher student aid benefits — and given the costs associated with numerous legislative proposals, it is quite likely that resurrecting the death tax will be proposed again. FBA will remain vigilant and be ready to fight any new proposal.”

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